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I Was Sugared…



Hi Everybody!

Have any of you ever heard about this new thing called Sugaring? It’s really new to the Irish beauty industry but I never really paid any attention to it because I thought it was just like waxing. I hate pain and I’ll be honest after a few bad waxing experiences I don’t bother with all of that kind of thing anymore, it scares the life outta me! I wish I was brave enough to be waxed, I’m not knocking it, I’m just a big baby.

When Karen Daly the Manager of Velvet Beauty approached me about being sugared I kinda laughed and thought yeah right me and pain don’t mix! Karen assured me that it didn’t actually hurt that much. Here is some of the information Karen shared with me about Sugaring:

• Leads to permanency of hair loss
• Can remove hair in the its natural direction up to 1/16 inch (when its literally come through the skin)
• It exfoliates the skin
• Hair grows back softer and more refined
• It is only warmed to body temperature so it’s not hot while applying to the skin
• All natural water soluble products used
• Hypoallergenic
• Antibacterial

My motto for 2015 is to say YES to most things that scare me. I stared doing this at the beginning of the year and I mean my life has started to go in all different directions. I figured this was just another opportunity to say yes, so I made an appointment.

I arrived at Velvet Beauty on Thursday Afternoon greeted by Karen and a large milky latte, the girls were so friendly and lovely and all reassured me that I’d be ok that I’d be really happy with my treatment.

Down in the beauty room I got ready, my heart at this stage is beating really fast. Out came the gloves and this big ball of golden liquid sugar all over my leg, it got solid really quickly and she pulled it off fast, to my surprise it wasn’t bad at all, a tiny pinch at first and then it was actually grand I was chatting away on the bed while I was being sugared.

It also works really well for women who have facial hair, keeping up with the treatment in time hair stops growing and it’s much more comfortable then waxing.I was really impressed and I’ll defiantly keep it up for the long term benefits I’d so love not to have to shave every day 😉

Velvet Beauty can be found at 31 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin 1. Tel: 01 8788940

Hope your all enjoying the bank holiday weekend
Danielle xx

Posted in Beauty on 26th October 2015