Professional Makeup Artist

My Journey

The only job I have ever held any interest in whatsoever, and was willing to go to ANY lengths to become the best I could at it, was Makeup!

I always felt I wasn’t good at much else, like all my pals will tell you, I am a woeful cook and I was never the academic sort at school! However, put a makeup brush in my hand and I just intuitively knew what to do.

My very first makeup job was at 15. All my friends were making their Debs balls, and my friends mother booked me to do her daughters makeup. I was absolutely thrilled and off I went armed with my good old pan stick and my blue Rimmell eyeshadow ;0

When I left school, I began a makeup course in Bronwyn Conway Beauty School in Grafton Street. I left after 3 months, I despised it. The thoughts of doing massages and facials on people just really bored me, and I’ll be honest here, I hated all the theory that came with it.

I was a classic ‘Beauty School Drop Out’ and I felt like an utter failure. Beauty was all I felt good at but I hated the training to do it. Talk about stress!!

Around 5 years later, while reading the newspaper, I came across an ad looking for people to train as a professional makeup artist in a new academy on Baggott Street, Dublin. A makeup job with no massaging or facials – right up my street!! The first EVER makeup academy to come to Ireland. It was called Face Stockholm, all the way from Sweden and the tutor, Darren Doherty, worked in MAC in London.

He instantly saw that I had passion and told me I needed to work at this if I was to get anywhere. 

I wanted to work in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street. That was a dream for me, but so hard to get into. But I persevered. I got really good CVs made up and a fantastic reference from Darren and off I went, I was on a mission. 

My first job was with Shiseido. I worked with them for nearly 2 years, then Giorgio Armani required a Makeup Artist and I got the job on the spot. I was beginning to make a name for myself as a good makeup artist and I began getting booked for freelance jobs whilst in Brown Thomas. 

I decided to leave BTs after 4 years, I wanted to freelance I could see it was better paid work. 

I suppose part of why I became successful was I wasn’t going to be cheap about anything. 

I got an amazing website and paid for it but this was the front of my business. 

I paid for advertising so people could see my site. Any money I invested in my business I always made back. 

I constantly contacted photographers to get good quality pictures for the site. 

However, something still wasn’t right. I was freelancing but I wanted to be the best Makeup Artist I could be and I honestly felt I need to gain artistry experience. So I got a job in MAC Cosmetics in Dundrum for 5 years, the training was amazing and I became the best makeup artist I could be.




Me in my early MAC days!

I left MAC in February 2015 to freelance fulltime and I never in my life expected all this success to come to me. Little did I know what was about to happen. 


My old Mac girls: Nadia El Ferdaoussi, now a successful travel blogger and Xpose makeup artist, and Laura McAllister a fantastic freelance MUA


Firstly, I won makeup artist of the year 2016 vote by Weddings Online. This was by no means an easy one to win. It wasn’t just based on votes, after the first round of votes I had to present a really creative presentation. The dead line was Christmas week, the pressure of it all was immense but I enjoyed it too. There was a big gala black tie ball in Malahide Castle in February and that was the night I won. One of the best nights of my life. 


Weddings Online Makeup Artist of the Year!


WOL Gala

Best Night Ever!!


I then became an ambassador for Shiseido Ireland! This was so surreal for me as Shiseido was my very first makeup job, I used to tremble when the area manager would come into the counter and now I’m Ambassador for this luxury brand! I mean I had to pinch myself, I still do!! Anyone who knows me knows how much I have always loved the products. 

To top it all off, I then done makeup for the gorgeous Marissa Carter of Cocoa Brown for the IFTAS 2016 and I suppose we hit it off. She loved her makeup and asked me would I like to come along and be the makeup artist for all her masterclass in Ireland! I nearly died, what an opportunity I cannot thank her enough for everything. She’s such an inspiration and she is now taking her Masterclass to NEW YORK and asked me to come! I have no words I’m completely stunned and beyond grateful. And perhaps a tad excited!!


With the fabulous Marissa!


So much more has come about this year from me, too much to mention really, I never thought all of this would happen to me. 

I’d like to thank everyone who is following me and always supporting me, I really couldn’t have won makeup artist of year without you all. 

Tips for becoming a successful makeup artist you can be:

Get the best training. 

Get a good website. 

Invest money it will always come back. 

Get good pictures from great photographers. 

Be the best that you can be and never think you can’t.