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Holiday Essentials

As most of you know I had a pretty big year last year within my career and I’m not going to lie, I felt absolutely exhausted. There was one point where I am sure I was working seven days a week. So myself and my husband decided to take three weeks off work mid January […] Read More

Posted in News on 6th March 2017

Cara Pharmacy – Luna Launch Event

Last month I attended the Cara Pharmacy Luna Launch Event. I really enjoyed the event which started when I had the pleasure of doing Ramona Nicholas make up before joining her and a wonderful group of people for dinner and drinks in The Westbury. Ramona Nicholas is the owner of the Cara Pharmacy group which […] Read More

Posted in News on 21st December 2016

The Not So Glam Life of a Makeup Artist!

So I decided to write a blog post about the not so glam life of a Makeup Artist, I think it’s fair to say social media is portraying an unrealistic image of the beauty world. Most people who are not in the industry think being a makeup artist is such a glamorous job and the truth of […] Read More

Posted in News on 30th November 2016

The Truth About What’s in a Makeup Artists Bag?…

I decided to do a blog post on this to shatter the illusion that the makeup bag of a makeup artist is an amazing wonder to behold. Well I hate to have to tell you the truth – it is not!! When I go to a MAC store for example, to replenish my kit and […] Read More

Posted in News on 27th September 2016

My Journey

The only job I have ever held any interest in whatsoever, and was willing to go to ANY lengths to become the best I could at it, was Makeup! I always felt I wasn’t good at much else, like all my pals will tell you, I am a woeful cook and I was never the […] Read More