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Mario Dedivanovic Masterclass

On Saturday morning I had to get up at 3am and fly to London to attend Mario Dedivanovic’s Masterclass. To all of you who don’t know who he is, he is Kim Kardashian’s no.1 makeup artist and friend. I was so excited, I have to say I was like a child, I didn’t sleep at all […] Read More

Posted in News on 20th March 2017

Holiday Essentials

As most of you know I had a pretty big year last year within my career and I’m not going to lie, I felt absolutely exhausted. There was one point where I am sure I was working seven days a week. So myself and my husband decided to take three weeks off work mid January […] Read More

Posted in News on 6th March 2017

Cara Pharmacy – Luna Launch Event

Last month I attended the Cara Pharmacy Luna Launch Event. I really enjoyed the event which started when I had the pleasure of doing Ramona Nicholas make up before joining her and a wonderful group of people for dinner and drinks in The Westbury. Ramona Nicholas is the owner of the Cara Pharmacy group which […] Read More

Posted in News on 21st December 2016

The Not So Glam Life of a Makeup Artist!

So I decided to write a blog post about the not so glam life of a Makeup Artist, I think it’s fair to say social media is portraying an unrealistic image of the beauty world. Most people who are not in the industry think being a makeup artist is such a glamorous job and the truth of […] Read More

Posted in News on 30th November 2016

The Truth About What’s in a Makeup Artists Bag?…

I decided to do a blog post on this to shatter the illusion that the makeup bag of a makeup artist is an amazing wonder to behold. Well I hate to have to tell you the truth – it is not!! When I go to a MAC store for example, to replenish my kit and […] Read More

Posted in News on 27th September 2016