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Shiseido- Dreams do come true <3

Danielle mahon- Shiseido- Makeup Artist

No doubt most of you have heard of this prestigious brand.

I’m hooked line and sinker because these products are actually changing the clarity, tone, and texture of my skin! Who needs botox. I’m over the moon that I have rediscovered this brand again recently.

My very first makeup job when I was in my 20s was with Shiseido in Brown Thomas Grafton Street. I worked with the company for a year and a half and I’ll be honest I fell in love with the skincare but being in my early 20’s I didn’t need much help with my skin however I knew the brand was special because of its luxurious packaging, rich textures and of course all of the comments from Shiseido’s loyal customers, but I moved on and became a makeup artist for Giorgio Armani, this was all before my MAC days.

Recently I came across Shiseido products, my skin was feeling so dry and dull but mostly now that I’m in my 30’s I felt it began to age, so I decided to treat myself to a tub of Shiseido’s best seller Bio Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Moisturiser. After about a week I noticed my skins texture changing it felt softer and I was really sure it looked smoother, I thought to myself this product seems to really actually work!!

Shiseido- Bio Performance- Super Revitalising- Face Cream- Moisturiser- Danielle Mahon

So I took a picture of my new skincare fave on Instagram, totally impressed with how my skin has been looking, and to my absolute amazement Shiseido rang me they very next day to ask me if I would be interested in hosting a Masterclass In Harvey Nichols for VIP magazine, totally blown away by the offer and of course I said yes, the powers of Social media!!!

Danielle Mahon- VIP Magazine- Makeup Artist- Shiseido

I got to play around with the Makeup this time and I was SO impressed with the products! Talk about foundations really doing what they say they do, the Perfect Refining Foundation is stunning and suits all skin types, reduces the appearance of fine lines, it reflects light to blur out imperfections and has an SPF of 15 which actually doesn’t affect photography, which means its prefect as a bridal foundation!

Shiseido- Foundation- Danielle Mahon- Perfect Refining- Makeup

I could honestly go on and on about how this amazing luxurious brand works. Shiseido have over 1000 researches working tirelessly to source not only the most effective but also highest quality and ethical raw materials from natural and scientific sources.
So in others words they put lots of time and money into research.

I’m over the moon to announce that I will be doing another 2 events for Shiseido this month in Harvey Nichols on Wednesday 18th November and again in Arnotts on Thursday 26th. Pop by and book in for makeover with me or even just to say Hi.

Dreams really do come true.

Talk soon,

Posted in Makeup on 12th November 2015