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The Not So Glam Life of a Makeup Artist!

So I decided to write a blog post about the not so glam life of a Makeup Artist,

I think it’s fair to say social media is portraying an unrealistic image of the beauty world.


What everyone sees on social media versus the reality on a Monday morning after a busy week of bridal trials, weddings, masterclasses and admin!

Most people who are not in the industry think being a makeup artist is such a glamorous job and the truth of it is that it’s quite a tough job and there’s not so much Glam behind the scenes!

I do lots of weddings and it really is one of the most rewarding sides of my job, being a part of someone’s special day and I absolutely love it. However, most Friday and Saturday mornings I’m on the road as early as 5.30am. Winter can be scary on the roads you don’t know what you are about to face; black ice, fog, flooding and snow, just some of the obstacles I’ve had to overcome to get to jobs. Getting lost in fog on a back road somewhere ain’t so glam I promise 🙂

You do your wedding and you’ve had the best morning with your bride and bridal party you’ve painted about 5 faces making sure each one is absolutely perfect and that everyone is ready on time. You leave the house or hotel on a high and realize you’ve to drive home alone while everyone goes off to party!


Deep Cleaning Brushes – My least favourite part of being a makeup artist!!

You’ve been so busy too, that you don’t have time to eat, so when you get home ( and most Makeup artists will agree with me ) you eat like an a absolute savage because your starving!! I can tell you by this point I’m not looking so Glam with a perfect face of makeup!

I’ll throw my hair up into a bun and warm jumper on cos I’m always freezing and get my kit ready for the next days wedding.  That means cleaning all my dirty brushes it’s my least favourite job of all time and it takes ages lol

I then need to get up to date with all my emails and admin work because Makeup Artist are their own secretaries.

So, where does the glam life style actually come into it?

It is the most thrilling thing I have ever done and I love my job  but it’s the hardest work and it’s not really all that glamourous! But shhhhh don’t tell anyone I said that 🙂

Posted in News on 30th November 2016