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Choosing the correct Wedding Photographer….

I’ve decided to do this blog because this year, I found some wedding photographers a little bit more difficult to work with!  This blog post for me is slightly more controversial as I don’t like to get into politics in the industry and I try my best to stay neutral, but after a hectic wedding season I decided to do this blog post and name the top 6 Professional Photographers that I absolutely love to work with..   In my opinion, Brides already have a lot on their plate and they don’t need the extra drama of an egotistical Photographer who makes the morning of their wedding all about them!   A Professional Wedding Photographer should just blend in, let everyone do their jobs in peace and let the Bride enjoy her morning!   It’s not a photo shoot, the dynamic is slightly different, the vibe should be fun, calm and friendly.  It’s the biggest day of the Bride’s life and not the Photographer’s!!


Niall Scully

Niall was 2016/2017 Wedding Photographer of the Year Finalist.  Niall is just great to be around!  He blends into the background and it’s not all about him. His energy and his calm nature really rubs off on everyone.  He is upbeat, friendly and helpful.   Everyone I know just loves Niall Scully from the moment they meet him!  His work is so stunning, his style is typically soft and romantic, so pretty..


Instagram: @niallscully

Facebook: Niall Scully Wedding Photography


Gary Barrett 

Gary has worked all over Europe and the USA.   His work and his professionalism are outstanding.  Gary understands that a Makeup Artist has a job to do too and he respects that.  He is great fun to be around and you would never know if he was slightly under pressure.  He is a true professional.  Gary’s work is amazing, his style dramatically beautiful..


Instagram:  @garybarrettphotograph

Facebook:  Gary Barrett Photography


DK Photo

Daniel won wedding photographer of the year 2017, voted by Weddings Online .   He shows up looking so dapper in all his wonderful suits and bow ties!  He takes great pride in his job and always gives an excellent standard.  He blends into the background but is well able to give proper direction when it’s needed in a way that is just so professional and flawless.  Every time I see Daniel on the morning of a wedding I know it’s going to be a fun and relaxed morning!


Instagram: @dkphoto

Facebook:  Dkphoto


The Fennells

The Fennells, Mark and Fiona, husband and wife are an award winning Photography Team.   They are everywhere at the moment!  Everyone seems to want to book them for their big day!  I absolutely love their instagram stories.  They are a real team and they work so well together.  They give great direction on the morning but they also respect everyone has a job and it’s not always about them.  These guys have even photographed Jedward!



Facebook:  The Fennells


Julie Cummins

Julie’s work has been featured in Confetti, BASH, Irish Independent and online Wedding blogs… everyone in the Wedding Industry knows Julie.   Julie has a big and wonderful personality!  Her work is absolutely flawless and I do so many weddings with her.  She lights up a room without taking over and brings great craic and energy to a morning.  When sometimes the atmosphere can be a little tense, she lightens up the mood!  Check out her website – I am such a fan of her work.


Instagram: @juliecumminsphotography

Facebook:  Julie Cummins Photography


Fionn Mc Cann (Studio 33 Weddings)

Last in my list but definitely not least…what an artist, wow!!  Any high end weddings that I do, I’m sure to see Fionn working there!   He arrives on the morning and he is so chill…no drama…no ego but yet delivers the most outstanding photograph.  I’ve learned so much from Fionn over the years, every wedding I do with him he always has a nugget of wisdom to share with me.


Instagram: @studio33weddings

Facebook:  Studio33weddings

Posted in News on 26th September 2017