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My Top 5 Inspirational Irish Women

I think this is the era that women have really come into their own.  They want to be able to work and have babies and really “do it all”.  As a person who is in a similar situation, having to work and have a baby…I’ve sat back and over the past year and have watched these women on social media, and although I might not see then every day, I feel they are very much in my life because I listen to them, I respect them and I admire them.   In an industry that is gone extremely fickle, these women, I believe, have remained humble and that’s a really hard thing to do!  I’ve noticed over the years that when people get “profile’ and when when people get fame it changes them, but these women have really stayed true to themselves.   I admire them, I respect them, I love them…I think they are absolutely amazing!

1. Tara O’Farrell

Have you met a person that has star quality?  I’ve met loads of different people in my industry and Tara is my number one because I don’t even know if she realises that she has what I would call “star quality”.  She walks into a room and she brings a certain light about her.  You can just tell that this is a really nice, kind person who has absolutely no ego and is just genuinely lovely.   Apart from being genuinely lovely, she is absolutely beautiful!  Recently we all had lunch in my kitchen with our babies and I couldn’t help but stare at how beautiful she was and there she was, eating her wrap, not knowing how beautiful she was!  She’s a really successful blogger and makeup artist and most importantly she is the best mother to baby Gene.  I love Tara’s Instagram, I love her style and I love her class.  She stayed true to herself through her achievements and I just think she is a great ambassador for all mummies.  She has a unique work/life balance that I think we all try to juggle.  Tara is one of the nicest people that I’ve met in the industry.

2.  Vogue Williams

Myself and Vogue had a baby at around the same time so we were going through the same kind of stuff. Basically Vogue was absolutely inspirational to women across Ireland and the UK because of the way she dealt with becoming a new mummy.   She was open she was positive she was very caring to all other mummies and boy oh boy did she work out!  I mean I know a lot of people felt threatened by the fact that she looked so good but in fact I thought it was absolutely fantastic.  Vogue has admitted to having anxiety and instead of sitting on the couch feeling sorry for herself, she gets up every single day, puts her best foot forward, goes to that gym and works out like I’ve never seen anyone work out.  She’s recently brought out her own tan “Bare by Vogue” and I have to say it’s one of the nicest tans I’ve ever worn.  I used the Ultra Dark and it just lasted so well on my skin, didn’t wash off horrible and it’s one of my top fake tans now…I bought it in Dunnes Stores.  Vogue is a lovely girl and through our journey she has taken time out of her day to send me helpful tips where I’d been struggling and I mean, she is a busy girl, she didn’t need to be sending me stuff but she took the time.  She stayed true to herself and she has stayed humble through all her success.

3.  Aimee Connolly

Aimee Connolly is an incredible Makeup Artist and an amazing entrepreneur.  I have to tell you I am so impressed by her range of products that she has recently brought out, Aimee is going from strength to strength, her brand is absolutely amazing.  Not only is she a lovely girl, I have so much respect for what she is doing, she is young and so ambitious.  I actually call Aimee the Irish Charlotte Tilbury, I see the biggest things for that girl, she is so young and she’s really going to go places.  She also has very little ego which is inspiring.  She’s not a mummy yet but she is a strong ambitious woman who knows her own mind!

4. Aoibhe Devlin

Well, I mean if ever I’ve met a girl who is full of life it’s Aoibhe!  Aoibhe Devlin is full of life, she’s energetic, she’s curious, she’s ambitious, she’s just amazing and again Aoibhe is a blogger and she’s also an air hostess and now after having her beautiful daughter Lily, her dream is to become a Pilot.  I just can’t describe to you how much fun it is being around Aoibhe, in fact she’s quite addictive.  When I was low and going through the “baby blues” I would contact Aoibhe and I would always be uplifted.  There’s one girl who’s going out, she’s had a baby, she’s still career focused, she’s still driven and now she’s going to chase her dreams of becoming a pilot.  She had a beautiful baby girl, Lily who was born with the biggest darkest head of hair that I’ve ever seen and she’s a fantastic mummy to Lily.  She inspired me so much to jump on a plane with a baby and live your life – life is not over because you had a baby and I can’t thank her enough for that inspiration!

5. Charlene Flanagan

Makeup Artist Charlene Flanagan brought out her her own brand “Ella and Jo Cosmetics”.  She  does a gorgeous brush cleaner and now she does a facial spritz.  Charlene I’ve met at a couple of events and she has been the chattiest most humble down to earth girl with absolutely no notions about herself.  When I had Farrah, I remember sitting in my sitting room and thinking oh my god this is a shit show, how am I going to get through this!  It was like Charlene Flanagan had read my mind and I just got these random messages from her “go on Danielle, you’re doing great” and  “you can do this”.  I mean, she’s a busy girl, she has two very young babies at home and she took the time to encourage me along.  Her brand is absolutely gorgeous and she is an inspiration to all working Mums.

Posted in News on 24th May 2019